Download up to 20 GB/day for free!


I just want to say Thanks Asiatech! For this such a great internet connection!

I think this is wierd in our country to have 10Mb/s download rate and 6 hours/day free internet connection.

Now my 500 GB laptop HDD is almost full and my 1 TB external HDD, too! I’ve downloaded most of P30download tutorial video clips.

Today my friend babak called and said that, an online shopping center, has a sale and he is going to buy an external HDD!

As I didn’t have enough disk space to download more video clips, I decided to buy a new HDD from bamilo!

I find out my old HDD, that I bought it 2,400,000 IRR Last year, costs 1,670,000 IRR now!

Immediately I ordered that external HDD and now I feel better, because I thought I can’t download anymore!


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