Sleep less but well!

Sleep less but well


I just waked up from a deep sleep which I didn’t want to!

Today I’ve slept 9 hours, and I think it wasn’t necessary.

A few days ago I read a Hadith from Imam Kadhim, that was saying “Don’t let your eyes sleep too much, because they’re the most thankless part of the body.”

From that day I want to sleep like 6 to 7 hours a day. But some days like this I forget that quote and sleep further.

So I think it’s good to share that hadith with you and choose here to write my self-promises just to remember them more. Now I add new category: Self-Promises.

And I Promise to sleep well at night (go to bed before 12 AM), and not to sleep too much!

And in future I will add more promises.

I love you! Good bye!

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