Why I couldn’t post a note yesterday?

Imam Reza holy shrine

Hi, yesterday finally I decided to go to Mashhad city by three reasons:

Imam Reza holy shrine
Imam Reza holy shrine

1 & 2. Meet my dear friend, Sajjad (You can see him in the picture) & Buy a new book for my next exam.

3. Pilgrimage the Imam Reza holy Shrine.

I went out at 9:30 and came back at 18:30.

It was a very good trip!


When I arrived and took a shower, I saw my aunt in our home! She has come because she wanted me to buy things from Bamilo.com for her! (Actually waste my time!)

As far as I like online shopping, I helped her until like 00:00! And I bought some USB flash memories and a Modem, too! 🙂

That’s why I couldn’t post a note yesterday…

Beside, I didn’t write my two daily English paragraphs…

Then I slept at 2:30 AM and woke up today at 11:20. That’s not good at all.

I will be change some day.

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