Where are you going so fast!?

Hi Mostafa.

I’m here to ask you: “Where are you?”, “What are you doing with your life?”, “Why so fast?”.

Is there anything wrong!?

What is your GOAL!?

Just remember your goal… You had a GOAL. I know.

But you are going to the future without looking at your GOAL.

I know in this period of time, from a month ago until now, you have distracted with some issues. These issues do not worth it to throw out your goal and just paying attention to them.

Believe it. There is something in this world, There is something like a power that want you to reach your GOAL or at least moving you toward your GOAL.

Just be rational. And keep your GOAL to yourself and think about it.

Then, in every decisions you make, you have to care about your GOAL.

And, at the end, Do Not Go So Fast, PLEASE. You just have one chance to live in this world.

Thanks 😉

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