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Build Your Future.



After a long time, I came back.

I want to write, but in persian, I have many readers in my blog and I can’t write exactly what I want. So I’m here to write with no conservation.

I know you have to do something big in your life, and that is marrying.

You have to be prepared for every aspects of your life, specially when you are going to be with someone for your entire life.

Be cautious.

Be aware of misunderstandings.

Sometimes you visualize something about her, but she doesn’t have that thing.

Think deeply.

Be realistic.

This is your life.

And there is just one.

I know you can do it perfectly, like every other jobs and works you have done.

Mostafa, Please be patient.


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Pain, A text file from past.

About 5 months ago I wrote this and today I read it:

Something that when you’re alone and thinking comes out and make you change your way of thinking and sometimes hurts you.
You have to solve it!
It’s a must.
There is no way to run!
It has to be fixed.
You have to heal the wound.
But, by writing you can relief its pain, for a period of time. Not for always.
After that period it will come out and surprise you when you have no time to think about it.
At this time you can do the same!
Like now and me!

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Now where are you?

Did you look at yourself recently?

Do you on the right path?

Do you reaching your GOAL?

or you just going wrong?

At least, now I know everything, every single happenings, happen ON TIME. And you can’t reach it until the time get there (?).

But you have to be prepared. Be ready for anything. Anything can happen in your way.

You have to be ready.

Do what you think is right.

and Just Do It.

Don’t wait bro.

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What is your BIGGEST challenge?

When you are alone, and thinking…

When you look forward…

When you look at your future…

Is your biggest challenge just a damn exam or…!?

What you see when you think about 10 years later?

What you think about after your death?

What are you doing these days?


I think it’s better to think about your duty more…

Stick to your GOAL and RUN 🙂

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Where are you going so fast!?

Hi Mostafa.

I’m here to ask you: “Where are you?”, “What are you doing with your life?”, “Why so fast?”.

Is there anything wrong!?

What is your GOAL!?

Just remember your goal… You had a GOAL. I know.

But you are going to the future without looking at your GOAL.

I know in this period of time, from a month ago until now, you have distracted with some issues. These issues do not worth it to throw out your goal and just paying attention to them.

Believe it. There is something in this world, There is something like a power that want you to reach your GOAL or at least moving you toward your GOAL.

Just be rational. And keep your GOAL to yourself and think about it.

Then, in every decisions you make, you have to care about your GOAL.

And, at the end, Do Not Go So Fast, PLEASE. You just have one chance to live in this world.

Thanks 😉

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What are you waiting for!?

It's going to be late :(

After all these years…

After all these days…

After all these times you wanted to be better, but you didn’t… 😐

Wait a moment, please. Think for a second. What are you waiting for!?

Waiting for something to happen!? Waiting for someone to come into your life and change you!? Waiting for what!? What!?

Answer me this time! Don’t pretend that you are in a right way. Don’t busy yourself with foolish things.

You Must Answer.

There is nothing is going to help you. There is no one to come and better you.

There is JUST you and your GOD.

And these are enough to be the best that you can be.

You have to make THE DECISION. Not that kind of decision! THE DECISION.

Make it and I promise you will be better and better…

Just think about it, then make it, then RUN as fast as you can to make it true, GOD is helping you 🙂

And, at the end, I BELIEVE in YOU.

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Just learn from Mistakes ;)



Don’t over-think about mistakes you made, Just focus on the right side.

Focus on learning how to not repeat mistakes.

George Bernard Shaw says:

A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.

If you are going forward and doing what you think is right, don’t blame yourself that much.

I don’t say you don’t have to think about mistakes, I mean you have to know that you have done wrong and then, the most important issue is, not to repeating them.

And, at the end:

Try doing anything you think is right, and if you did right, make it better for the next time, and if you did wrong learn something from it 🙂

Over-Thinking is Forbidden.

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