Why I couldn’t post a note yesterday?

Imam Reza holy shrine

Hi, yesterday finally I decided to go to Mashhad city by three reasons:

Imam Reza holy shrine
Imam Reza holy shrine

1 & 2. Meet my dear friend, Sajjad (You can see him in the picture) & Buy a new book for my next exam.

3. Pilgrimage the Imam Reza holy Shrine.

I went out at 9:30 and came back at 18:30.

It was a very good trip!


When I arrived and took a shower, I saw my aunt in our home! She has come because she wanted me to buy things from for her! (Actually waste my time!)

As far as I like online shopping, I helped her until like 00:00! And I bought some USB flash memories and a Modem, too! 🙂

That’s why I couldn’t post a note yesterday…

Beside, I didn’t write my two daily English paragraphs…

Then I slept at 2:30 AM and woke up today at 11:20. That’s not good at all.

I will be change some day.

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A photo from latest semester!


Hi everybody!

Today didn’t find any topic to write about, then at night I decided to explore my phone gallery to find a picture to write about that.

Then I found this pic:Photo of last semester

This photo has been taken by me at the end of an EXAM! I don’t remember the title of that exam, but I just know that wasn’t a regular exam. It was unusual like other exams in that semester.

At the end of Khordad month, which is the worst month in this year, we all found ourselves LOST!

But we didn’t surrender! We fought and now most of us are winners!

But I think it’s better to study lessons and books before we get caught!

From now until tomorrow night, I think about what to write for my next daily note!

I like to write about my city, Quchan. But I think it’s hard and will be long!

But someday I will…

Bye 🙂

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