What are you waiting for!?

It's going to be late :(

After all these years…

After all these days…

After all these times you wanted to be better, but you didn’t… 😐

Wait a moment, please. Think for a second. What are you waiting for!?

Waiting for something to happen!? Waiting for someone to come into your life and change you!? Waiting for what!? What!?

Answer me this time! Don’t pretend that you are in a right way. Don’t busy yourself with foolish things.

You Must Answer.

There is nothing is going to help you. There is no one to come and better you.

There is JUST you and your GOD.

And these are enough to be the best that you can be.

You have to make THE DECISION. Not that kind of decision! THE DECISION.

Make it and I promise you will be better and better…

Just think about it, then make it, then RUN as fast as you can to make it true, GOD is helping you 🙂

And, at the end, I BELIEVE in YOU.

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Just learn from Mistakes ;)



Don’t over-think about mistakes you made, Just focus on the right side.

Focus on learning how to not repeat mistakes.

George Bernard Shaw says:

A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.

If you are going forward and doing what you think is right, don’t blame yourself that much.

I don’t say you don’t have to think about mistakes, I mean you have to know that you have done wrong and then, the most important issue is, not to repeating them.

And, at the end:

Try doing anything you think is right, and if you did right, make it better for the next time, and if you did wrong learn something from it 🙂

Over-Thinking is Forbidden.

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Not to write the goals=Failure



I think it’s a rule. If you don’t write your goals you are preparing to fail…

Two years ago I had a advisor for my konkur exam. Always he was saying to write down your goals, It’s a must for being successful.

In that year, I was writing my goals but after achieving them, I didn’t.

Now, after 2 years I prove that don’t writing the GOALs is equal to not to have goals!


So, I promise here to write them down in this week, it means today or tomorrow.


Good Luck buddies 🙂

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Sleep less but well!

Sleep less but well


I just waked up from a deep sleep which I didn’t want to!

Today I’ve slept 9 hours, and I think it wasn’t necessary.

A few days ago I read a Hadith from Imam Kadhim, that was saying “Don’t let your eyes sleep too much, because they’re the most thankless part of the body.”

From that day I want to sleep like 6 to 7 hours a day. But some days like this I forget that quote and sleep further.

So I think it’s good to share that hadith with you and choose here to write my self-promises just to remember them more. Now I add new category: Self-Promises.

And I Promise to sleep well at night (go to bed before 12 AM), and not to sleep too much!

And in future I will add more promises.

I love you! Good bye!

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