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Now where are you?

Did you look at yourself recently?

Do you on the right path?

Do you reaching your GOAL?

or you just going wrong?

At least, now I know everything, every single happenings, happen ON TIME. And you can’t reach it until the time get there (?).

But you have to be prepared. Be ready for anything. Anything can happen in your way.

You have to be ready.

Do what you think is right.

and Just Do It.

Don’t wait bro.

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What is your BIGGEST challenge?

When you are alone, and thinking…

When you look forward…

When you look at your future…

Is your biggest challenge just a damn exam or…!?

What you see when you think about 10 years later?

What you think about after your death?

What are you doing these days?


I think it’s better to think about your duty more…

Stick to your GOAL and RUN 🙂

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Where are you going so fast!?

Hi Mostafa.

I’m here to ask you: “Where are you?”, “What are you doing with your life?”, “Why so fast?”.

Is there anything wrong!?

What is your GOAL!?

Just remember your goal… You had a GOAL. I know.

But you are going to the future without looking at your GOAL.

I know in this period of time, from a month ago until now, you have distracted with some issues. These issues do not worth it to throw out your goal and just paying attention to them.

Believe it. There is something in this world, There is something like a power that want you to reach your GOAL or at least moving you toward your GOAL.

Just be rational. And keep your GOAL to yourself and think about it.

Then, in every decisions you make, you have to care about your GOAL.

And, at the end, Do Not Go So Fast, PLEASE. You just have one chance to live in this world.

Thanks 😉

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Not to write the goals=Failure



I think it’s a rule. If you don’t write your goals you are preparing to fail…

Two years ago I had a advisor for my konkur exam. Always he was saying to write down your goals, It’s a must for being successful.

In that year, I was writing my goals but after achieving them, I didn’t.

Now, after 2 years I prove that don’t writing the GOALs is equal to not to have goals!


So, I promise here to write them down in this week, it means today or tomorrow.


Good Luck buddies 🙂

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